investment in ALPHABET

What kind of investments suit me now?

I am in the perfect age. Somewhere between 52 and 53. Day by day I am going far from my 52th and reaching to my 53th station.Yes these numbers are the code of each station.

When I born there were no number. Everything were new. The year, the month, the week and even the day.

Wow. Can you imagine? A bunch of new events. By the end of the day, End of the week, end of the month and end of the year, I have experienced a complete set of the seasons.

Very surprising for me. By the end of the last day of the first year I experienced the beauty of becoming a one year old human being. It was just the first seconds of the first day of my second year when I found that I need something to differ my second year of life.

At those first seconds of the second year something appeared in my life. It was just like a feeling. Feeling interest to life. Then I tried to learn something which helps me in the rest of the life. A lifetime investment. It took about six other years when I could go to school and learn the magic symbols, THE ALPHABET.

They had the power to change my life to a magic. Then I tried to invest on THE ALPHABET. Learning new alphabets helped me to enter new worlds. The new worlds of different people living in other atmospheres. Other geographies, other times, even other worlds.

Now I am very glad for my investment in alphabets. I am going to use this profitable investment to create new life for my 53th and other coming stations. I am going to learn writing and make some new worlds to live in.       

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