About Parviz Meqdadi Zanjani

I am interested in some fields of study. Among these fields are banking, law, literature, philosophy, Public Relations, psychology, sociology and management. I want to know how I can mix these fields together to reach to some interesting results. I am working in a bank and have studied law and management and recently started the free self-study of literature. I am going to discover the beauties of life through writing and reading in the fields I like.   

Parviz Meqdadi

Probable Questions

1. Trying to learn as much as possible in my favorite fields,
2. Sharing my findings,
3. Finding and activating new talents and capacities in myself and my society,

1. The world does not stop for any one. We should try to update ourselves.
2. Continuous learning is a way to self-improvement and social development.
3. Writing, reading and communicating our knowledge is useful method for continuous learning and developing.

1. Doing my best for my own and the world development.
2. Finding suitable ways to make the world a better place to live in.
3. Communicating and sharing my findings in this media.

1. Every day trying to develop my own self and my society.
2. Trying to add something beautiful and pleasant to the world I live in.
3. Taking part in group activities to help together and do something valuable.

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